About Nurit’s Naturals

100% Natural Skin Care Products

After years of trying skincare products with a multitude of ingredients that couldn’t live up to their claims, Briarcliff resident Nurit Praeger decided to take matters into her own hands, creating Nurit’s Naturals, a complete line of organic skincare products with an emphasis on simplicity.

Through word of mouth and tireless research and testing, Praeger determined that with just a few of the most beneficial ingredients, you can obtain the most effective results. “Although not as well known as some of my other ingredients (coconut oil and grape seed oil), emu oil, which is found in my serum, is the most penetrating oil out there. It doesn’t just sit on the skin; it’s deeply and completely absorbed,” says Praeger.

A self-described minimalist, Praeger’s simplistic take on a beauty regimen is just what the doctor ordered for today’s hectic lifestyle. Her recommended regimen consists of a moisturizing cleanser containing jojoba oil, grape seed oil and geranium extract, which gently removes makeup without stripping essential oils, leaving skin refreshed and glowing; a hydrating toner that minimizes pores and increases the skin’s clarity with the help of nature’s own jojoba and sweet orange oil; and, lastly, her lush and nourishing coconut oil serum which is quickly becoming a bestseller.

“Skincare seemed a natural next step for our family’s business,” says Praeger. “My husband, Peter, founded Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods nearly twenty years ago. He was always concerned with the prevalence of chemicals in practically everything on the market. He imparted his wisdom on the subject to me and was very excited about this segue into the natural skincare business. ”

Unfortunately, Dr. Praeger never saw his wife’s products make it into stores, recently losing his fifteen-year battle with prostate cancer. “I know Peter is looking down with pride and that brings a smile to my face…my moisturized and glowing face!” Praeger exclaims.


Note From The President

At 46, plagued with blemishes and wrinkles, I kept trying new products on the market. Sound familiar? I was frustrated with the results so I set out to make my own natural skin care products at home. I stumbled upon fresh new blends that delivered better results than anything else I had ever tried. Through research and observation, it became clear that the people with the best skin use the least amount of products. So, instead of using an array of ingredients, we focus on a few quality ones. We came up with a clean, homemade, minimal solution sourcing only the purest ingredients.

Get the glow, naturally!

Secrets of Nurit Flower

Known as the ultimate survivor, Nurit flower thrives in the harshest environment of Israel’s lands. Nature endowed this beautiful flower with a unique regenerative mechanism that protects it from dehydration by absorbing and retaining moisture around it during severe draughts, at the same time blocking the influx of water during rainy seasons that could potentially destroy cells.

As a natural skin care company, we try to employ the very same aspects and principals of nourishment and protection in our entire lineup of products.


Pore Minimizing Toner

Using the astringent properties of witch hazel distillate and the vitamin C in sweet orange oil, this toner works to thoroughly hydrate, balance, and refresh your skin.

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Moisturizing Cleanser

With jojoba oil and grape seed oil this natural cleanser will be your favorite. Easily clean skin of oil, make-up, and bacteria without removing the protective layer, leaving you feeling refreshed!

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Deep Penetrating Serum

Virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, and emu oil deliver smooth, hydrated skin year round. Loaded with anti-oxidants that help repair skin damage, strengthen skin tissues, and kill acne causing bacteria.

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