20somethings Guide to Amazing Skin: Routine for feeling great.

It is well worth it to do everything possible to preserve and protect your skin when you are young.  I know, the last thing you are thinking about now are wrinkles, sun damage, etc… However, putting you time in will payoff in spades in the future.  Just think of it like a skin retirement account.image1

Aged skin, is more likely to be dry.  In addition, dry skin is more susceptible to enzymes that repair skin damage function less efficiently in skin with lower water content.  Dry types produce less sebum, an oily substance that contains large amounts of vitamin E, a skin protective antioxidant that combats aging and skin cancer.  The cell cycle slows down, causing dead skin cells to pile up in little hills and valleys.  Though not visible to the naked eyes, these make the skin appear rough.  Finally, when estrogen levels decline, the skin becomes drier. images-3

Lifestyle Recommendations

Avoiding sun exposure, I know you heard this a million times, is particularly important for types at an increased risk of skin cancer and for those who suffer from rosacea.  Smoking is also a big no-no. Smokers get deep wrinkles near their mouths, highly unattractive, not to mention no decent non-smoker wants to date or kiss a smoker, its quite disgusting.  Stress management should be a part of your routine and here are some options.

1. Getting a relaxing massage.

2. Walking in Nature.

3.  Meditating in a peaceful place.

4.  Applying calming oils such as Nurit’s Naturals.

5. Playing with a beloved pet.

6.  Watch the ocean waves.

7. Lastly, I like to play a lot of tennis but sometimes that causes some stress if you lose!

Aging is really not fun so if you can do anything in your 20’s to prevent looking like you had 14 facelifts when you are in your 70’s then it’s well worth it.  Prevention, prevention, prevention!