The Science and Truth behind Skincare and Studies


The Science and Truth about Skincare and Studies

I started researching about skincare because I got sick of getting ripped off by companies stating false claims about their products.  The entire skincare industry is unregulated.  This, unfortunately leads to companies taking advantage of people with their marketing tactics.

Unfortunately, we can’t count on everybody to be honest and have virtue.  It’s up to you to be smart,  informed,  and use common sense.

Many companies do their own in house studies. These studies never make it into peer-reviewed studies because most of the company studies are using test subjects’ own opinions.  There is no real quantitative data to back these up.

Many highly acclaimed dermatologists and plastic surgeons are touting very expensive products.  Unfortunately, they never comment or submit their studies for further review.  Some of their ingredients may have some merit on their own but not when applied to the skin.

As a former finance and economics person, I use the same metrics with skin.  When a financial firm starts touting huge returns and great success, it makes me cynical because if they had such great returns, why would they need to sell their systems to anybody else. They would be rich just using their own proven methods for making money.

Take, for example,  Dr. Perricone.  Does he use his own products? Does he look young?  Does he have wrinkles?  Why don’t his products work on himself? Hmmm?

I have done a lot of research about skincare. The main ingredient that helps with fine lines is Tretinoin.  This has been studied in peer reviews and FDA approved.  I have not found any other peer reviewed articles about any other ingredients.

If you want results, be smart and don’t listen to everything you read and hear. In order to understand the science and truth behind skincare, you must do your own research.  With google, and other search engines, it’s easier than ever.

Nurit Praeger